Varijashree Venugopal




Varijashree was born on the 6th of March, 1991 to Vidwan Sri H.S. Venugopal and Smt. T.V. Rama. Varijashree was found to have the rare ability to identify about 50 ragas at the tender age of one and a half and about 200 ragas at the age of 4. She was initially trained by her father, Flute Vidwan H.S. Venugopal.

Varijashree began undergoing formal training in Carnatic music under Vidhushi H. Geetha at the age of 4. She has also learnt a few rare compositions from Vidhushi Vasantha Srinivasan and Vidwan D.S. Srivatsa and later, higher music lessons under the tutelage of Gaanakalanidhi Vidwan Salem P. Sundaresan. She has been undergoing flute training under her father Vid. H. S. Venugopal.


She gave her first full fledged Carnatic vocal performance at the tender age of 7, at the prestigious platform of Bangalore Gayana Samaj. She was very much well appreciated by critics and music lovers.

She has performed extensively in and around the country including the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, Kuwait, and so on.

Varijashree has performed at Ramakrishna Mission and Sharada Ashram, Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 2000 and October 2001; and at the World Hindu Conference, October May 2003.

She was invited by the ‘Kinkini’ association, Kuwait chapter, in the year 2005, November, in order to offer tribute to Late Smt . M.S. Subbulakshmi.



Varijashree has worked with, and has been part of many cross- cultural musical collaborations with artists like:

  • Noreum Machi (a group of New Age Korean musicians)
  • API band led by Andy Peterson (at the Borneo Jazz Festival 2016)
  • Italian composer Mr Riccardo Nova (for Centro Internazionale Di Brera, Milan)
  • Chakrafonics (for ‘Yaa Devi’, initiated by Leeds University)

Varijashree has also been performing as a flautist, by accompanying her father, H S Venugopal in his flute concerts and playing solo flute concerts.



Varijashree has been rewarded with awards and titles by many institutions which include,

  • ‘Kempegowda State Award’ by the Bangalore Corporation, in the year 1999, March.
  • ‘Vidyaratan national award’ by Shubaram trust, in the year 1999, April.
  • ‘Pearl of Bangalore’ by the Jaycees’, in the year 2000, March.
  • The title ‘Gaanavinodini’ by the Sharada Ashram, Colombo, in the year 2000, June.
  • ‘Ugadi Puraskar’ by the Madras Telugu Academy, in the year 2002, April, ‘Ananya Naadajyoti Yuva Puraskar’, 2010, ‘Ananya Pratibhe’, 2010,
  • KiMA best vocalist 2013 devotional category for album 'Bidiru',
  • Suvarna comedy awards - Best female vocalist for 'Darling darling' from movie 'Madarangi',
  • Mirchi music best vocalist of the year 2014 for song 'Enla boddade' from movie 'Rose',
  • KiMA best vocalist 2014 Television music for 'Kulavadhu'


Magazines such as Femina, Gunagrahi, Sudha, Karmavira, etc and other regional newspapers and journals like Vijay Karnataka, Prajaavaani, Samyukta Karnataka, Kannada Daily Shimoga, Hosodiganta Bengalooru, Mysore Mitra, Kannadaprabha, Udayavaani, Godhuli, Janavaahini, Sanjevaani, Ee Sanje, Vijayachitra, Mangala, Eenaadu Vasundhara, have written about Varijashree.

She has performed for many TV and Radio channels which include, Udaya TV, Kaveri, Doordarshan, Etv Kannada, Z Kannada, Kasturi and Sri Lankan channels like Roopavahini, SLBC, Shakthi, British radio channel BBC Birmingham, and so on.

She has sung many tele-serial title songs which include 'Sangeetha', 'Kulavadhu', 'Chittehejje', 'Lakshmi baaramma', 'Love lavike', 'Hosa baaLige nee jotheyade' (music by Sri Praveen D Rao), 'Deepavu ninnade' (music by Sri Pravin Godkhindi), and so on.

Varijashree gained popularity as the voice of the young Saint poetess “Helavanakatte Giriyamma”, a tele-serial featured on E-tv Kannada, by singing around 300 Daasarapadas under the direction of Sri Praveen D Rao. She has had a few hit songs from Kannada film industry including 'Darling darling' from Madarangi, 'Enla boddade' from Rose, 'Nakalu maadabedi' from Bhagyaraj, composed by Sri Anoop Seelin, 'Run Run Run' from Run Antony composed by Sri Kadri Manikanth.


Varijashree has music albums ‘Arpana’ and ‘Upasana’, ‘Mela raga malika’ (a Carnatic composition by Mahavaidyanatha Iyer consisting of 72 melakarta ragas), ‘Bidiru’, ‘Kaayo enna gopala’ to her credit. She has scored music for the documentary film ‘Ashtaavadhaana’ directed by Vid. Shataavadhani Dr.R.Ganesh, short films 'Chiguru' and 'Little Treasures' directed by Sri Karthik and Sri Vivek Aaraga.

She has composed music for theatre productions which include Eve Ensler's 'Necessary Targets' directed by Sri Prakash Belawadi, 'Gathi' and 'Ateeta' directed by Sri Sethuram, 'Treadmill' directed by Sri Nitish (in which she also played a lead role). She has composed original music scores for albums 'Laasya', 'Sambhrama', ‘Vandanam’, and TV soap title tracks for 'Sangeetha', 'Mangalyam Tantunanena', etc.

Varijashree has hosted a unique musical - lyrical TV reality show 'Hrudaya geethe barede neenu', produced by Kannada TV channel, ‘Kasturi’.



Having trained in one of the strongest classical forms of music – Carnatic, Varijashree finds her own space and unique language by beautifully fusing different genres of music, yet retaining the authencity of her music. These cross cultural experiments have led to her latest music singles ‘Devamanohari’ and ‘Cloud 11’, which have been greatly appreciated by music lovers.

Varijashree is popular for her rare ability to scat Jazz compositions using Indian Sargam system (solfege), which she calls ‘Carnatic Scat Singing’. This has gained her a lot of appreciation from music lovers from all over the world.

Varijashree is a multi-faceted musician, who is at ease both as a vocalist and a flautist, be it in an Indian classical platform or a world music platform, a jazz set-up or a session recording. Varijashree has collaborated, recorded and performed with veteran musicians like Sri Rajesh Vaidya, Mr Lesle Lewis, Sri Praveen D Rao, Sri Siva Mani, Sri Hariharan, Mr Keith Peters, Mr Suresh Peters, Mr Stephen Devassy, Mr Manoj George, Mr Ricky Kej, Pandit Vishwamohan Bhat, Mr Riccardo Nova, Sri Sandeep Chowta, Mr Christian Galvez, to name a few.

Varijashree is very much grateful to her parents, Gurus and music lovers for their support.


30, 2nd main, 3rd cross, Brindavan layout, Muneshwaranagar,
Subramanyapura post, Bangalore - 560061.
+91 80 26394111, +91 9886540372